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Buy Magic Items from Computer Scarlet Mod

by SimGuru

Buy Magic Items from Computer – Adopted from Scarlet

Scarlet has decided to retire from modding, and has allowed people to adopt some of her mods to look after them and keep them working as the game continues to be patched. She’s kindly let me adopt this mod. You can find a list of her mods that have been adopted here. I hope she has a lot of fun and success in what she’s moving on to.


Want to take your magical sims into the 21st Century? Do your sims not always have the time to travel to the magic realm to buy their supplies? No worries, with this mod your sims can buy their ingredients from the comfort of their own home by clicking on their computer!

  • All Potion Ingredients
  • All Wands
  • All Brooms
  • All Tomes
  • All Familiars
  • The items no longer have a random chance of appearing (all items appear every day).
  • You can now see the amount of each item your sim already has in their inventory before you buy it to make sure you don’t buy duplicates you don’t need.
  • You can sort the items in each store by category.
  • All items now available every day (so ignore the “Check back tomorrow as our daily offerings are always changing” part of the purchase notifications).

Better Exceptions by Twistedmexi mod

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