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Cello Skill

by SimGuru
Cello Skill

This new mod adds a Cello Skill, with custom like and dislike, and the ability to write and license songs! Your Sims can now learn music from the Folk, Contemporary, and Classical genres, as well as Orchestral Excerpts. One low-poly object is included, with 5 swatches, and custom audio files for every stage of this 10-level skill.

Level Unlocks

Level 1
Play the instrument

Level 2
Enthuse About Elgar
Research Cello at the computer

Level 3
Play Folk Songs

Level 4
Pluck for inspiration

Level 5
Play Contemporary Songs
Listen and Learn from other Sims

Level 6
Promise to Dedicate Songs
Play Away Feelings

Level 7
Play Classical Songs

Level 8
Write, Scrap, and Name Songs

Level 9
Play Orchestral Excerpts
License songs

Level 10
Mentor other Sims in Cello

Faerie Baby Mod (Replaces Science Baby)

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