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Its Movie Time

by SimGuru
Its Movie Time

Want to give your Sims some more stuff to do? Let them watch something new on a computer or the big screen. With each DVD, there is also a poster, which you can find in Build-Buy mode. For a better experience, click on the Sim watching the movie and press Shift+Tab to enter first-person mode. This will allow you to watch the movies through your sim’s eyes.

Fixed a glitch that prevented the Turn Off button from showing up if the TV was manually turned on but no consoles were nearby. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

* This is an easy-mode-gameplay update of this mod. Some requirements has been disabled, such as the necessity to buy DVDs on a PC or have DVDs in inventory (meaning, once you download and install any DVD, it will show directly in the new “Play a DVD” menu), and also the requirement to install a DVD Player Addon on the TV in order to watch DVDs, and the requirement to activate a VOD service for the Lot.
* The mod is compatible with DVDs v2.3, but its recommended to upgrade them to v2.4, so that they will show in their proper category, along with the DVD description and icon, in the new “Play a DVD” menu.

Faerie Baby Mod (Replaces Science Baby)

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