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Public Organic Hair by SimRealist

by SimGuru
Public Organic Hair by SimRealist

With the addition of this mod into your game, your Sim will experience a realistic aspect of maintaining growing hair. The goal here is to create a hair progression experience that requires the Sim to clean, cut, color, nourish and style their hair, making them more desirable or appealing to other Sims. This also should influence their emotions/moods in a variety of ways. 

Summary of Changes

We added:

  • AtHome Styling is now available: Are you tired of waiting until the Salon opens, or your Sim has a big event and needs their hair done asap? You can now get them sorted with the help of another nearby.
  • Additional Mod Settings: Tired of seeing NPCs wearing that one bad hairstyle? What about creating a historical save and only wanting to see styles from that time? Well, you can now blacklist hairstyles and disable a style change!
  • Improved Bad Haircuts: Clown hair is quite comical after getting a bad haircut but maybe not super realistic (what can I say, I like to chuckle ever so often).   mod Instead, the experience will result in a hat to cover their shame. But fear not, an experienced at-home Stylist or Salon visit will get them straight.
  • Improved Shedding: It is what it is. You, your mama, your papa, your siblings, and everyone else that has hair sheds. But it doesn’t have to be such a chore to pick up in the Sims. You can now vacuum those annoying piles, and you should see a decrease in shedding with Sims that have the Fast Hair Growth trait.
  • Updated Hair Progression UI: Can’t remember what styles you put in a Custom Progression you are considering? No worries. All Styles will preview as they should. Not to mention badly tagged Maxis Match and Alpha hair should be handled better in Progressions as well as the Hair Dye screens.

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