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Sims 4 Malware Mods

by SimGuru
Sims 4 Malware Mods

Change Log: v1.4 Refined mod tracker to further avoid false positives or inconclusive results. Resolved a false-positive specifically related to some mods that save settings to file. v1.3 Fixed game crashing when used on Mac. Blocked 4 more possible attack vectors. Improved ModGuard’s defensive measures. Improved telemetry for any future troubleshooting. Fixed an issue where ModGuard would incorrectly report itself. Fixed an issue causing reports for “Inconclusive” and “shutil”. v1.1 Corrected a flaw in v1.0’s prevention and beefed up detection. Added two more possible vectors to the ModGuard’s detection and prevention. Added an in-game update notification so staying protected is easier. Added a welcome notification per user feedback, to ensure ModGuard is active.

WickedWhims Mod and Animations

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