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Height, Sliders, and Gradual Growth Mod

by SimGuru
Height, Sliders, and Gradual Growth Mod

We have 4 general sliders at the moment: Height, Neck, Hands, and Bulge.

There are 3 ways to edit Sim heights in the mod: in CAS, via Pie Menu interaction, or precisely via commands (see in spoiler above

(For premade sims, these are the only things in the mod that should require ‘testingcheats on’, followed by ‘cas.fulleditmode’, then Shift-Click -> CAS Modify, or ‘Edit Household in CAS’ in MCCC -> CAS)

I’ve added a remake of CmarNYC’s hotspots that I made via TS4 MorphMaker in Height Slider Hotspots.package. It should make it so that dragging a sim’s foot in CAS up or down should make their height go in the direction you dragged (via the “height” slider), for any age other than Baby. I’ve also added a remake of Wihi’s Hand Hotspot – an optional Hotspot for the Hand slider, by dragging vertically on the upper arm/bicep. Should still be compatible with (and complement) Luumia’s Hand Sliders.

The Pie Menu that Tedw promised has been added! It requires XMLInjector, and can be found by Shift+Clicking on any Sim!

No Mosaic / Censor Mod for The Sims 4

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