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HQ Texture Converter

by SimGuru
HQ Texture Converter

Converting a pile of CC to be compatible with the HQ Mod can be quite a chore. This tool does it for you.

What it does:

You can select either one package or input and output folders. If you select one package, it will be converted and you’ll be prompted to save it with a new name. If you select folders, all packages in the input folder will be converted and saved in the output folder with new names. A status line at the bottom of the window will let you know what it’s doing.


  • RLE2 textures (diffuse, shadow, skin color, and skin definition) are resized to 2048×4096
  • LRLE textures (diffuse and skin color) are resized to 2048×4096
  • RLE2 textures disguised as LRLE are converted and resized to true LRLE 2048×4096
  • RLES textures (specular) are resized to 1024×2048
  • DDS CAS skin color files are resized to 2048×4096

However, these are just the defaults and you can select the output dimensions for yourself. Will also convert from HQ dimensions to standard if needed.

Pet textures are automatically resized correctly.

The Mother Plant Resurrection Aspiration

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