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jazmine afro puffs

by SimGuru
jazmine afro puffs

jazmine afro puffs with my last edit of the base game afro puffs, i really wanted some cartoonishly huge afro puffs like jazmine dubois’ character on boondocks so i made these! they have such a retro especially 70s and 90s/2000s nostalgic feel to them that’s really fun/playful to me. tysm to all my lovely testers <3333 base game compatible (bgc) maxis palette (24 swatches) + 1 bonus darker black swatch (inspired by @mangosimoothie‘s suggestion) teen-elder fem frame not hat compatible but some hats and accessories will fit with noticeable clipping in the back ear clipping custom thumbnails disallowed for random all lods

WickedWhims Mod and Animations

By : saturngalore

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