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Judith Living Room

by SimGuru
Judith Living Room

Judith Living Room The set consists of 60 items. It has a luxurious and at the same time modern style. Although I say living room, there is also a dining set included in the set. I think my favorite items are also this dining set. The reason for the large number of items is bookcases, I think. The most important feature of these bookcases, which have different sizes and variations, is that each of them has a version that can be embedded in the wall. And tons of books to decorate with. So you can also use them in built-in. You can even add rails to them and stairs to these rails. (Sometimes it can be impossible to place decor on objects embedded in the wall. And this one, you can enter the “bb.moveobjects on” cheat and decorate the object without placing it on the wall, then place it on the wall.) At the same time, there is a fireplace that is compatible with these bookcases. In the same way, there is a built-in variation of this fireplace. You can even add a Art Frame TV, which is included in the set, on top of this fireplace.

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By : sims4ccworld

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