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Let’s Get Fit Fanmade Modpack

by SimGuru
Let's Get Fit Fanmade Modpack

Let’s Get Fit Fanmade Modpack Finally, Me and my friend @hakrabr finished making some gym stuff like 1. Dumbbells Dumbbells can be used by adult, gain fitness skill. If you put dumbbell on inventory, you can perform biceps curl and front raise. 2. Barbells There 3 different barbell on there, you can perform back squat, overhead squat, and sumo high pull. 3. Hex Dumbbell Sim can perform power snatch using two hex dumbbells. 4. Workout Bench Gain muscle and fitness skill. 5. Pull Up Bar Can be used by adult and kids sim, kids sim will be gain motor skill. 6. Exercise on Radio Remember in sims 3……….? Yes, your sim can exercise on radio again 😀 7. Exerto Punching Bag New punching bag animation, can be used by adult and child sim. 8. Barbell and dumbbell rack You can purchase som barbell, dumbbell, toy dumbbell, and toy barbell. 9. Toy Barbell and Toy Dumbbell Kids sim can pretend workout using toy dumbbell or toy barbell, and gain motor skill. 10. Kettlebell Gain fitness skill and muscle. 11. Box of jump Can be used by kids and adult sim, perform this will be make your sim burn calories. 12. Stationary Bikes If you play sims 2, you know this object, sim using this object will be burn some calories.

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