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Pregnancy Mood Buffs

by SimGuru
Pregnancy Mood Buffs

No longer do your sims have to feel generically happy about pregnancy, without the only alternative being hating children all together. With this mod, you have the ability to choose with mood your sims experience during pregnancy. Pregnancy Moods -Sad -Angry -Embarrassed -Stressed -Uncomfortable -Indifferent (hidden buff+no mood effect) There are three flavors of each mood: Example: -Sad Pregnancy (+1 Weight) -Sad Pregnancy (+3 Weight) -Sad Pregnancy (+5 Weight) The mood weight effects the intensity of the mood on your sim. For example, a +1 weight will cause your sim to be “Sad”, while a +5 weight will cause them to be “Very Sad”. Indifferent pregnancy will hide the pregnancy buff and offer no mood effect to the sim’s emotions.

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