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Realistic Childbirth Mod

by SimGuru
Realistic Childbirth Mod

The ability to create and follow a single household in The Sims 4 through numerous generations has always been a highlight of the game. The Get to Work expansion pack is the only official pack that allows players to accompany their sims to a hospital to give birth. However, players can now use a realistic birth mod for The Sims 4, to make these moments even more memorable

As its name suggests, Realistic Childbirth Mod increases the realism of childbirth in The Sims 4. Thanks to this mod they process will be depicted much closer to reality. Thanks to this three options of giving birth to a child will appear in the game

  1. Natural,
  2. By cesarean section,
  3. Using a surgical machine.

Additionally, the whole process takes longer and can mean up to a few days of hospital stay for a sim.

  • Made another attempt to fix the hand glitch, it was tested and confirmed by one of my patreon and it should be fixed now, but please let me know if its still broken, there’s one last resort I have that is guaranteed to fix it 
  • added a fail safe to prevent the baby from coming out with a completely wrong skin tone. 
  • fixed an issue that caused the c section gown to go through the roof
  • companion sims can no longer get their dilation checked or receive epidural 
  • fixed an issue that caused the “ask to accompany childbirth” option to not show up

Better Exceptions by Twistedmexi mod

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