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The Sims 4 Armageddon Mod

by SimGuru
The Sims 4 Armageddon Mod

You may acquire this modification by clicking here to get it from Sacrificial’s Patreon page or you can get it by following this link to get it from Sacrificial’s website.

You are going to finish the event known as “Seek Superpowers from the Thunderbolt Spirits” before you can become a superhero.

How do you use Armageddon Mod?

Click on your Sim, then go to Armageddon > Supervillain. This will start the social event where you will have to prove you got what it takes by killing a few Sims. Once you get that Gold Medal in taking other people’s lives, you will earn the dark powers from the Hell Flames Spirits.

  • Key Features
  • This mod adds a new pie menu “Supervillain” inside the “Armageddon” menu and inside you can find the interactions and pie menus linked to the mod
  • Becoming A Supervillain:
  • Inside the “Injustice” piemenu you’ll find an interaction called “Seek Super Dark Powers From The “Hell Flames Spirits” – Social Event
    This will start “A Villain Is Born” social event where you’ll have to kill a few sims!
  • Getting a gold medal will reward your sim with the dark powers as a gift from “Hell Flames Spirits”
  • Failing the quest or getting less than gold won’t reward you with anything and you’ll have to re-do the quest to earn the powers.
  • Teens > Elders can become supervillains
  • Dark Powers!
  • As a supervillain you’ll have supernatural abilities used cause chaos and corruptions, you’ll unlock more abilities with each “Dark Power” skill.
  • Your supervillain sim will have a new motive “Dark Energy” that is used to perform spells and powerful interactions
  • This motive replaces the “Social” motive while your sim is a “Supervillain” the “Social” motive comes back if you choose to remove the super powers from your sim.
  • It can be recharged by choosing the “Recharge Dark Energy” interaction inside the “Supervillain” pie menu.
  • Dark Spells

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