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The Sims 4 Bienchens Mods 

by SimGuru
The Sims 4 Bienchens Mods 

Bienchen website?

New pages are always such a thing, especially when not only the URL changes, but also the complete page.

So how do you find your way around here? Let’s take a look.

Unlike before, there is now a menu where you can search for the category you want.

Are you looking for help? Or have a question? Then post it in the comments section.

Only german

Ihr sprecht deutsch und wollt alles in deutscher Sprache haben? Ein klick und schon ist alles auf Deutsch.


Replaces the gardening related goals for the scientist career as these cannot be fulfilled anyway since long.


Your Sims can now assign tasks to their retail employees without having to go and talk to them first.


Tweaks the criminal career to make it easier to detect a criminal. The criminal can now be identified by special idle animations he/she performs. Also, no more hidden decoy Sims will be created that lead to false convictions (and afterwards fill your save with unneeded, ugly Sims).


Sims can congratulate others on their promotion, brag about their own promotion, talk or complain about work. Sims will get to know the carreer of the target sim if they talk or complain about work.

Better Exceptions by Twistedmexi mod

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