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The Sims 4 Language Barriers Mod

by SimGuru
The Sims 4 Language Barriers Mod

A world where everyone speaks the same language is unrealistic. This mod adds new languages to the Sims universe, which introduces a unique challenge to the game.

main features

  • Seven languages: Simlish, Windenburgish, Selvadoradian, Toki Sulani, Komorebigo, Tartosiano, and Sixami.
  • Sims are assigned their native language(s) based on their family, occult type, traits, and home world. They may also speak some other languages at varying levels of fluency, depending on their age, family, traits, and home world.
  • Sims can learn other languages by using Simlingo (phone/tablet/computer), reading textbooks, or speaking with other sims.
  • Toddlers learn languages from sims who speak to them, and acquire their native language(s) when they become children. Adults can choose to use any language they know with toddlers.
  • Each pair of sims has one agreed-upon language they will use with each other, but they can change this whenever they want.
  • Communication is limited between sims that don’t share a language, and they may mess up or misunderstand each other.

Better Exceptions by Twistedmexi mod

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