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The Sims 4 Road To Fame MOD

by SimGuru
The Sims 4 Road To Fame MOD

The Road To Fame mod comes with a brand-new Professional Singing skill that you can level up and advance into. The soul point of this mod is to give you the complete lifestyle of a pop or rock star, so singing will be the main thing you do professionally.

Things like singing to an audience, promoting brands, and being an idol other Sims look up to is something the sims 4 community needs


  • Dance Moves:
  • Twist Dance (Level 1)
  • Arm Waves (Level 2)
  • Shuffle Dance (Level 3)
  • Body Sway (Level 4)
  • The Robot (Level 5)
  • Twerk (Level 6)
  • Crowd Pleaser (Level 7)
  • Flair Dance (Level 8)
  • The Clock (Level 9)
  • Breakdance (Level 10)

*Your sim will get “In The Zone” when they keep dancing using any interaction from the Street Dancing skill.

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