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VelvetySmooth Lipstick

by SimGuru
VelvetySmooth Lipstick

When I edit My Sims I always redraw their lips and eye makeup so I decided to give it a go and create some simple beauty products for my Simmies 🙂 More info and download under the cut. VelvetySmooth Lipstick I wanted to create pretty nude like swatches which would look good both with lighter and darker skin tones, so swatches 1-5 I had lighter skin tones in mind and 6-10 darker skin tones in mind, and since we have now these super duper sliders for make up, you can customise the swatches even more compatible for your Sim. Long story short, The lipstick has 10 swatches. VelvetySmooth Eyeliner I love a good thick eyeliner! 5 simple colour swatches, who needs more when we have the Hue slider. I added slightly darker versions too, so the “sheen” wouldn’t be that strong against darker skin tones.

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