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wild guy’s Animations

by SimGuru
wild guy’s Animations

This mod adds sexy animations to The Sims 4. The WickedWhims mod must be installed to work .

I am a perfectionist and always try to make all my work as high quality as I can. I don’t make simple and short animations, so creating each animation takes a lot of effort and time. I don’t really like the cartoonish style of The Sims 4, and therefore I prefer that all my creations for this game look as realistic as possible. I always follow this goal when making my animations.With this Sims 4 dance animations mod, your Sims will look like a member of a 90s boy band. They are coordinated dances, where there is a bit of walking on the dance floor and some movements in the arms with clenched fists, while also moving the hips. So, if dancing is your cup of tea, this lively, entertaining animation just has to become a part of your Sims dance routine.

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