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WOODLAND Ranch Hello hello! 🐎 Welcome to Woodland Ranch! During this collection, we well go ranch/rustic but with a little bit of cozyness and elegance at some point ! I will add some build pieces and buy pieces each month as I don’t have as many time as I would like to to create an entire build set in one month, so lets get some pieces every month! You will now have 31 pieces to decorate the bedroom, and nice windows, closed or opened versions! You also have wooden panneling, wood and painted version. Same swatches for the panneling and flooring, in case you want a color block room! Speaking of flooring, there are two flooring, and one is made to be a ceiling item, with little beams like the panneling! You can find the items by searching for WOODLAND RANCH or Pierisim in game. Some items share the same textures so make sure to have the packages finishing by “texture” in your mod folder 🙂 All base game compatible. unmerged and merged version available. I let you enjoy this first part and the rest of your weekend!

WickedWhims Mod and Animations

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