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Bobahloo Patreon Animations for wickedwhims

by SimGuru
Bobahloo Patreon Animations for wickedwhims

My first animation. I made them quite a while ago and wasn’t sure if they were good enough to share. In the end, I decided to share them and contribute to the community. These animations are not randomly enabled as I have them set to infinite loop with both players and NPC Sims. There are no sounds or props here, so you’ll have to set up an outfit with matching accessories.

There is nothing more mesmerizing than seeing a ballet dancer. Thanks to this awesomely realistic animation, you can now watch ballet performances as many times as you want. The Ballet dance moves are movements that require a unique technique and discipline, and with the sims, they managed to show this without any failure. The dancer has elegance in each of her turns and stretches of legs or arms, which makes the whole dance very pleasing to watch.

wild guy’s Animations

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