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Longer Parties & More Guests

by SimGuru
Longer Parties & More Guests

This mod allows your parties to last up to 24 hours and gives you the ability to invite up to 200 guests. Please note that you can still end parties as early as you like by clicking on the event timer.

Currently it works with every party type available:

House Party
Dinner Party
Incognito Party
Black and White Party
Birthday Party
Weenie Roast
Spooky Party
Dance Party
Toddler Play Date
Charity Benefit Event
Lampoon Party
Fan Meet & Greet
Kava Party
Keg Party

However, it does not work for parties that you’re invited to by inactive Sims.

20 Sims Cap Remover is included to remove the default 20 per Sims per lot limit so that more Sims can be present at one time. If you have another mod that also removes this limit, simply remove this file.

Also available is an optional download, Invite Any Guests, which allows you to invite any party guests, even if your Sim doesn’t know them.

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