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Is there a way to generate less homeless?  I have “Maximum Homeless Sims” set to zero but I keep getting homeless generated.

The short answer is no.  The Sims 4 generates homeless Sims when it needs them to fill a role in the particular zone.  If there is no Sim already that matches the filter the game uses for that role, then a new Sim is generated.  If the Sim that matches the role is already in the zone and the role comes-up as being needed again, it will generate another Sim to fill the role, even though there is a Sim in the zone that matches it.  Just the way the base game works.

How do I stop automated pregnancies or marriages from happening?

In the MC Pregnancy Settings for “Pregnant Sim Selection”, there is a setting for “Pregnancy Percentage” for the different Sim age groups.  The higher this number is, the greater a chance you’ll have Sims getting pregnant.  The lower the setting is, the less chance you’ll have for Sims getting pregnant.  If you set it to the lowest value, “0”, then pregnant Sims will not be generated by MC Pregnancy.

I have pregnancy set to 100% but my Sims are not getting pregnant! Why?

There are rules for Sims becoming pregnant.  They vary some depending on the situation.  If it’s an active Sim with Try for Baby or Risky Woohoo, then the documentation for the MC Woohoo module has the rules to determine when a Sim can become pregnant.  If it’s an NPC using the random scheduled pregnancies, then the rules for that are in MC Pregnancy.  If it’s a Sim getting abducted, then the rules for that are in MC Occult.  If the Sims don’t pass all the rules, they can’t become pregnant.  The percentage only applies if the other rules pass.

I don’t have an option to “Start Pregnancy” when I go into MC Pregnancy on a Sim. Where is the option?

The only reason that Start Pregnancy would not show-up when a Sim is clicked within the MC Pregnancy Sim menu is because pregnancy is not valid for that Sim based on the pregnancy settings in MC Pregnancy.

How do I prevent homeless Sims from moving into houses?

Several different things you can do, depending on how much control you want.

  1. If you want homeless Sims to leave certain houses always open, you can edit the houses in build/buy mode and set the number of beds under lot info to zero.  Sims will not move into houses that the bed-count is set to zero.
  2. If you want no homeless Sims to move into houses, you can edit the “Allow Homeless Move-in” setting in MC Population in the “Population Settings” section.  Disabling this setting will result in no homeless Sims moving into houses.

When I am using MC Woohoo and have nudity enabled for Hot Tub Woohoo, the “Get In” interaction disappears?

Yes, that is the way it works.  As part of the many changes I had to make to various places to get nudity in the Hot Tub to work correctly for Woohoo, the “Get In” interaction got lost.  I consider it something not worth investing the amount of time I would have to invest to try to get that and Nudity in the Hot Tub both working.  I don’t know if I could get them working together at all and it is really a player choice sort of thing.  A player can choose to allow nudity for Hot Tub woohoo, or they can choose to allow the “Get In” interaction.

If my household size is set to above 8, how do I edit Sims in CAS so the game doesn’t delete all the Sims past the 8th in the household?

The Sims 4 AEP Mod By Ksuihuh’s Corner animations 

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