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by SimGuru
Sims 4 Community Library

This API is not compatible with Wicked Whims by Turbodriver or MCCC by Deaderpool.

Welcome to The Sims 4 Community Library!

This is more of an API than a mod itself. By itself, it does not modify any aspect of The Sims 4 it simply makes writing mods using Python much easier and more accessible for those looking to create their own mods. Only install the library if you have installed a mod that requires it!

A Short List Of Current Features (Not all features are listed here!):
For a complete list of features and utilities, check out the documentation
– A vast library of Vanilla Tuning identifiers for easy retrieval
– Logging
– Exception Handling
– Custom Dialogs
– Custom Notifications
– Custom Interactions
– Custom Icons
– Event Handling (Creating, Dispatching, and Listening)
– Miscellaneous Utilities
– Manipulate Sims, Objects,. the Weather, the Terrain, the UI, and many more!
– Test Framework
  – Write and run tests (Can be run from within the game)

To see the documentation for S4CL check out the docs!

To start creating mods using S4CL check out the template project!

Looking to install S4CL?
Follow the installation instructions below for details.

Looking for the Source Files?
Find them over in the repository here.

For a changelog of the most recent updates and additions, take a look at the releases page.  spellcasters

The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension

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