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Sims 4 Omegaverse Mod – Extended Family

by SimGuru
Sims 4 Omegaverse Mod - Extended Family
  • Teen to Elder sims can have one of three traits, representing their A/B/O Status.
    • Alpha trait
      • Increases a sim’s muscle gain.
      • Allows a sim to go into rut.
    • Beta trait
      • Normal sim behaviour, with some effects from other Alphas and Omegas.
    • Omega trait
      • Decreases a sim’s muscle and fat gain/ loss.
      • Allows a sim to go into heat.
      • Male Omegas can breastfeed their babies.
        This feature will conflict with any other breastfeeding mods. This feature is an optional add on, which can be removed, so as to prevent conflicts.
  • Toddler and child sims will receive a hidden A/B/O Status.
    • Child sims can be tested in order to find out their A/B/O Status, but this may not always be correct.
  • A/B/O Status can be changed by the user at any time, except when a sim is in heat, in rut, or is pregnant.
    • The chances of an NPC initially becoming an Alpha, Beta, or Omega is determined by user settings.
    • All played Teen to Elder sims will become Betas, but can be changed.
    • Played Toddler and Child sims have a 10% chance of becoming an Alpha and a 5% chance of becoming an Omega, otherwise they will become Betas. However, the chances of becoming an Alpha or Omega is roughly doubled for each Alpha or Omega parent they have.


  • Alphas can impregnate male Omegas, female Betas, and female Omegas.
  • Omegas can be impregnated by male Alphas, male Betas, and female Alphas.
  • Omegas can only become pregnant in the During phase of their heat.


  • An Omega, by default, has a 65% chance of going into heat every 5 days.
    • Only Young Adult and Adult sims will go into heat.
    • This can be varied between 30% to 100% chance, every 3 to 10 days.
  • A heat lasts 2 days.
    • Starting: Lasts 6 hours.
    • During: Lasts 30 hours, pregnancy can occur during this phase.
    • Ending: Lasts 12 hours.
  • Omegas going into heat for the first time will go through their First Heat.
    • The First Heat is a more uncomfortable experience for the Omega.
  • Alphas who are near Omegas in heat will receive flirty buffs of differing strengths depending on the heat’s stage.
  • A heat can be induced by coming close to an Alpha who is in rut.
    • An Alpha in their Starting or Ending stage of rut has a 25% chance of inducing a heat in an Omega every time they get close to the Alpha.
    • An Alpha in their During or Climax stage of rut has a 70% chance of inducing a heat.


  • An Alpha, by default, will go into rut every 8 – 10 days.
    • Young Adult, Adult, and Elder Alphas will go into rut.
    • This can be varied between 4 to 15 days.
  • A rut lasts 36 hours.
    • Ruts consist of 4 stages, each 9 hours long; Starting, During, Climax, and Ending.
    • Over the course of a rut, an Alpha will become progressively flirtier.
  • Alphas going into rut for the first time will go through their First Rut.
    • The First Rut is a more uncomfortable/ surprised experience than a normal rut.
  • Omegas who are near Alphas in rut will receive flirty buffs of differing strengths depending on the rut’s stage.
  • The time until an Alpha’s next rut is shortened by being around Omegas in heat.
    • Omegas in their Starting or Ending stage of heat reduce the time slightly.
    • Omegas in their During stage of heat reduce the time significantly.


  • Alphas and Omegas with high enough romantic relationships will have the option to Mate.
    • Sims can have multiple mates.
      • However there is no anti-jealousy functionality included with Omegaverse.
      • Should you wish to play with multiple mates, it is recommended that you use MC Command Centre’s or Wicked Whim’s anti-jealousy capabilities.
    • Mating will quickly lead to a heat/ rut for Alphas and Omegas, if they are not already in heat/ rut.
  • Mated sims will only lust after their mate(s) during their heat/ rut, rather than any Alpha/Omega in the vicinity.
    • In the strongest phases of their heat/ rut, a mated Alpha/ Omega may be turned on by a nearby Omega, but otherwise they only wish to be with their mate.
    • Unmated sims will feel guilty about lusting after a mated sim.
    • Mated Betas will notice when their mate is in heat/ rut.
  • Sims who are mated will suffer from Separation Sickness if they spend too long away from their mate.
    • Separation sickness starts off with the sim simply missing their mate. If allowed to decay completely, the sims’ mating will lapse and they will lose all of their mates.
    • For Omegas, if their separation sickness is allowed to decay fully, they will die.
    • Sims can spend roughly four days apart before feeling the effects of separation sickness, they then have another day to rectify this before the full consequences take effect.
      • This time is slightly more for Alphas, and slightly more for Omegas
    • Separation sickness is rectified by spending time in a sim’s mate’s company, with the “Near Mate” buff active (or equivalent heat/ rut buff).
      • For every 10 minutes mates spend together, they can spend an additional 25 minutes apart.
      • Mates can also “reaffirm” their mating, in order to reset their separation timers back to maximum.
    • Separation Sickness can be changed between Easy and Hard mode for individual sims (default: Easy Mode).
      • On hard mode, sims can only spend roughly two days apart before the effects of separation sickness begin to take hold.


  • Omega supplements are available from Aunt Mai’s Emporium.
    • Supplements include Heat Suppressants, Heat Inducers, and Heat Contraceptives, as well as a Separation Sickness Preventor,
  • Alpha Supplements are available from Uncle Rick’s Store.
    • Supplements include Rut Suppressants, Rut Inducers, Alpha Contraceptives, and Rut Preventors, as well as a Separation Sickness Preventor.
  • Poorer quality supplements are available from Cousin Jack’s Market.
    • To access Cousin Jack’s Market, a sim must successfully Research Supplements on the PC.
    • Cousin Jack sells poorer quality versions of all supplements available at Aunt Mai’s Emporium and Uncle Rick’s Store.
    • Poorer quality supplements have a lower effectiveness, and do not last for as long in many cases.
    • Cousin Jack’s Market is only available for a limited amount of time, before it is “burnt” and no longer available.
  • Poorer quality supplements may cause Supplement Sickness
    • Supplement sickness can last 2 to 5 days, where a sim will get progressively more uncomfortable as a result of their sickness, until they recover.
    • In extreme cases, supplement sickness may cause death (approx 2% of cases).
    • Supplement Sickness Remedies are available from Aunt Mai’s Emporium and Uncle Rick’s Store, which reduce the chance of sickness getting worse.
  • Treatments for Omegas are available at Aunt Mai’s Clinic.
    • Treatments include Heat Pausation and Fertility Reduction surgeries.
  • Treatments for all sims are also available at Aunt Mai’s Clinic.
    • Emergency Treatment for supplement sickness is available to Alphas and Omegas suffering from supplement sickness, which will initiate an immediate recovery and eliminate any chance of death.
    • Sims can have their pregnancy terminated at Aunt Mai’s Clinic
      • Sims must be in the first or second trimester to be able to terminate.
    • Parents can take their children to Aunt Mai’s Clinic to have their A/B/O Status tested.
      • The Clinic will not always be correct and may mistakenly assign a child with the wrong status.


  • “No Alphas Allowed” lot trait.
    • NPC Alphas will not visit these lots.
    • Playable Alphas receive negative moodlets when visiting these lots.
  • “No Omegas Allowed” lot trait.
    • NPC Omegas will not visit these lots.
    • Playable Omegas receive negative moodlets when visiting these lots.

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