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Ultimate Dancer Career

by SimGuru
 Ultimate Dancer Career

Tested with Get Famous (not required) and Game Version AKA the November 13, 2018 Update (definitely required) ***
PLEASE NOTE: You WILL need the newest Neia Career Commons file (included in download) also!

Also just as an FYI (because I thought it was a bug and was about to completely embarrass myself on Neia’s forum) as
of the last patch, EA removed the “ideal mood” for rabbit hole careers.

I was very excited by the idea of the Dancer career by xterrix but I couldn’t get it to work since the new updates. And dance has so many possible career paths… the idea just wouldn’t leave me alone. Once I started working on it, it just kept growing. 

This career is based on just a few of the many possible career path a real dancer might choose. So your Sim can pay those bills, the pay levels are based on EA careers (since actual dancers mostly do it for the love… the pay really isn’t that much unless you’re in the upper UPPER echelon).

The Neia Career Commons file includes the objectives to complete the required skills. So, you should be fine even if you don’t have Get to Work, but please let me know if you have any trouble and I’ll add a version without that skill.

And so, let the music play and lets get right into…

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