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The Sims 4 Ultimate Mod Manager 

by SimGuru
The Sims 4 Ultimate Mod Manager 

Sort your mods easier. But how?
Basically, you can see this tool as a file explorer with additional features, for Sims 4 files. Like any other file explorer, you can select, delete or move files. However, with this program you can also disable/enable mods/CC (individually, multiple files or entire folders), view their thumbnails and use special filters.
With these filters you can first distinguish between: Create a Sim Item, Catalog/Build Mode Item or Other. In the case of Create a Sim Items, you can even differentiate more precisely into areas such as makeup, hair, shoes, etc., just like in the actual game.


  • A new way to display your mod folder
  • Displays Thumnails form CC
  • General filters for CC types
  • Advanced filters for CAS CC
  • Enable/Disable Mods and CC
  • Easy way to sort Mods and CC
  • Delete duplicate files

Future plans

  • Find broken
  • List CC from Household
  • Filter for catalog items


  • Make code more efficient
  • Reduce file size

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